This project was modeled after ornamental poster design. I chose to use the Bodoni font family and decided to use the concept from my original poster for a type specimen book. Everything was hand-cut, stitched and bound by yours truly.

The poster was modeled after ornamental design and resembled something you might see on a wine bottle or a fancy box of cigars. Since I am an advertising major, this was a great opportunity for me to work on branding ideas. I chose to use this font family to make a specimen called the Bodoni Blend with the word "blend" referring to term used by cigar smokers. Though I'm not much of a smoker, I've always loved cigar boxes and kitschy tobacco campaigns (bad, i know). So I found tobacco-like paper to cover my book with and designed a band to fit around it (just like the ones on cigars) to indicate the front of the book.

I researched online and looked for vintage tobacco ads and quotes to use for the inside of the book. As you can tell, much of the book and box is decorated with ornamental shapes which come from the Bodoni font family. This typeface is classic, and elegant with a bit of an edge.

© Virginia Peters-Rodbell, 2012.