Gold ADDY Award Winner, 2012

For this project, I drew 25 random sketches out of magazines cutouts and then vectorize them on adobe illustrator. I then used a select few of the vector images in order to portray the randomly chosen word "Decadence." One of the definitions of decadence is "luxurious self-indulgence."

In this image you can see material items attached to balloons floating around a woman as well as out of her head. I chose to use an illustration of a female because they the primary target audience in most advertisements. The balloons floating out of her head represent air-headedness and the desire for unnecessary and luxurious material objects. The orange and leaves on the edge of her head represent a garnish on her cocktail of material desires... also I just liked it there.

Ironically, the ADDY judges did not see this design as a stab at consumerism and presented me with a 1st place ADDY award.

© Virginia Peters-Rodbell, 2014.